Mario Kart Tour goes all Donkey Kong Country in latest Jungle Tour event

Mario Kart Tour’s latest event Jungle Tour has officially arrived and it adds a helping of Donkey Kong Country themed goodness to the race track. 

Taking the place of the previous Flower Tour, Jungle Tour introduces some familiar faces from the Donkey Kong Country series to the mobile game. Funky Kong who first appeared in Donkey Kong Country, and Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest, have both joined the race and will be available to get in-game. 

Funky Kong’s special skill is his Banana Barrell, which automatically launches bananas onto the road so you can give your competitors the slip. Dixie Kong, on the other hand, comes equipped with the Triple Banana special skill, which can be used as a handy shield or to throw bananas in the path of other drivers. 

It’s time to celebrate the Jungle Tour’s arrival! Which character are you most excited for? There are a few possibilities…Follow the link for more #MarioKartTour videos! 20, 2020

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As well as the addition of the two new faces, Mario Kart Tour has also added a new commemorative Jungle Tour kart with the rhino-like Rambi Rider (opens in new tab). You’ll be able to get your hands on this new kart and take part in the latest tour until June 2. 

This tour comes just after the most recent update (opens in new tab), which saw the addition of a team-based racing mode and new multiplayer feature Room Codes to give players better control over setting up matches with friends or family. Team Races lets up to four separate teams of two racers try to snag first place locally or online. Earning the top spot will bag you in-game rewards.  

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