L.A. Noire Achievement Guide

Who knew that 1947 Los Angeles was such a dangerous place? Thankfully Cole Phelps is here to, not only clean up the streets, but also nab you some achievements and trophies along the way.There are plenty to find throughout your time as a detective and while some are of the usual Rockstar fashion where numerous collectibles need to be found, there majority of them come from putting your nose to the grind stone and doing some good old fashioned police work.

For the Hollywoodland and Star Map achievements/trophies, be sure to check out the guides here on GamesRadar to find each of the collectibles locations.For the rest, we have put together this guide complete with videos to help you out with any that are giving you trouble.Be warned however, there are spoilers aplenty within the guide, so if you haven’t played all the way through yet, don’t let your eyeballs wander too far.

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A Cop On Every

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Complete a single street crime case.

To get this, all you need to do is respond and complete to one street crime when the dispatcher calls over the radio.Venture to the yellow running man on the map to start it.

Asphalt Jungle

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Chase down and tackle a fleeing suspect on foot as an LAPD Detective.

There are numerous times that you will need to chase a suspect during a case. When you are close enough to the fleeing suspect, you will be given the option to tackle them.To do so, when the prompt appears on screen, rapidly tap the A/X button to run faster and get the jump on the criminal.

Auto Collector

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Drive 40 different vehicles.

One of the quickest ways to get this is to cause a traffic jam and then hop into the different cars that are caught in it.Once done with one jam, cause another and repeat until 40 different cars have been pillaged.If speed doesn’t matter, then chances are you will unlock this throughout the campaign by taking other citizens cars for joyrides.

Auto Enthusiast

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Drive 5 different vehicles.

Much like Auto Collector, simply hop into 5 different cars to get this.Easy peasy.

Auto Fanatic

30 Points
Silver Trophy
Drive every vehicle in the city.

There are 95 different cars found throughout the city and to get this you’ll need to drive every single one.

Make it a bit easier for yourself and check out our complete guide to collecting every car in L.A. Noire right here!

Dead Men Are

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Shoot and kill a total of 100 bad guys.

During the campaign, this will eventually unlock. While not every case will involve plugging a criminal, many will, multiple times.

Golden Boy

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Clear a case finding every clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

When you arrive on a crime scene, listen to the chime to denote when there is a clue nearby; as well keep listening to the music in the background.If it is still playing, then there are still clues to find.Once you hear the piano tune and the music stop, then all the clues have been found in the area.If you are having trouble finding evidence, you can use an intuition point through your notebook to reveal the location of all clues in an area. Do this for each crime scene in a case and you will receive this achievement/trophy.

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