GTA Trilogy update targets performance, broken textures, and a zillion bugs

The GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition just got a big new update targeting approximately a zillion performance, stability, and graphical issues alongside an ever-shrinking mountain of bugs. 

The patch notes (opens in new tab) for update 1.04 – which is now live on PS4, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC – outline broad improvements to performance “across all platforms and graphics mods” as well as more granular adjustments to stability. 

One of the most welcome changes takes aim at “several issues when attempting to retry a mission from the last checkpoint,” which has been a particularly bothersome sticking point since the trilogy was released. A multitude of textures and models have also been updated, presumably to ensure they look right in-game rather than a stretched abomination phasing in and out of our reality. 

The individual changes for each of the games included in the trilogy are interesting in their own right. GTA 3, for instance, now lets you hold the sprint button to do a “partial sprint” while using tap to sprint. GTA: San Andreas saw targeted improvements for the high fade haircut as well as the first-person camera for some vehicles. There are also a curious number of miscellaneous window improvements across all three games. 

This update is a gold mine for bizarre patch note entries, too. Here are some of the more memorable lines: 

  • GTA 3 – “Fixed an issue that resulted in the Rhino tank spawning without doors” 
  • GTA: Vice City – “Fixed an issue that resulted in Tommy’s health being restored after getting on the bike in the mission ‘Pizza Boy'”
  • GTA: San Andreas – “Fixed an issue that resulted in two wheeled vehicles becoming invisible after doing a wheelie while in first person” 

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