Genshin Impact let players build their own dungeons so they immediately recreated Squid Game

Genshin Impact just launched the Divine Ingenuity event that gives players the tools to build their own custom domain challenges, so of course, somebody immediately recreated Squid Game’s glass bridge.

Tried the new Genshin event and made a domain inspired from the glass challenge in Squidgame lmaoSo far I’ve only been able to finish it with Kazuha, but lmk if you were able to do it with a diff character haha!Domain ID: 17992613959 2, 2022

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We have content creator Genshashin to thank for this devious domain, which you can try for yourself with the domain ID 17992613959. The premise of the domain is pretty faithful to the show: you have to jump between unstable platforms to get across the bridge, and there’s a pit of spikes waiting for you if you fall. We’d expect no less from the creator of last year’s incredible Genshin Squid Game parody (opens in new tab).

Divine Ingenuity is essentially a Super Mario Maker-style dungeon builder. Players can build the domain of their dreams (or nightmares) and then share it with the world after proving they can clear it themselves. Of course, the characters you use to clear your domain allows for some pretty nasty loopholes, as one Reddit user demonstrated with an “exploration pay-to-win (opens in new tab)” domain which was designed around the unique abilities of several premium five-star characters. 

Other Genshin Impact players have cooked up lengthy obstacle courses (opens in new tab) with strict rules and unforgiving hazards. It’s not quite Kaizo Mario, but it’s about as Kaizo as Genshin Impact’s physics can get. The variety of features and depth of freedom in the domain maker really is impressive. You can set specific win conditions, add special power ups, limit what abilities characters can use, and keep tensions high with a timer. Or you can just make an insta-win domain to farm event participation – to each their own. 

In other eyebrow-raising Genshin Impact news, developer MiHoYo is now funding work on an actual nuclear fusion reactor

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