First Outriders Broadcast is a new look at the games action

The first of the monthly Outriders (opens in new tab) Broadcasts leading up to the game’s debut is here, and it’s a deep dive on the gameplay you can expect from the RPG shooter. Check out the video here (opens in new tab)

After some details on the game’s plot, Outriders Broadcast 1 – First City Gameplay jumps right into gameplay, dropping you in to see where the pyromancer Nova is on her mission to find a truck. As the voiceover suggests, some of these enemies are no joke, and sometimes “you just need to run.” 

The gameplay is showing off exactly what we hoped to see more of from the RPG shooter – a chaotic, intense blend of gunplay and abilities that leave of destruction in the pyromancer’s wake. Nova slams their first on the ground and sends a column of fire around an enemy, who quickly explodes into bits. Another maneuver turns them all to ash, while yet another throws up a wall of flames directly ahead. There’s a lot of blood. 

The video also goes into detail about the UI in Outriders, which is fully customizable. If you want a more RPG-style HUD with enemy health levels and quest information, feel free to set it up that way. If you’re looking for a more minimalist, shooter-style UI, the floor is yours. There’s also dynamic difficulty settings, which you can tailor to your play style. Both elements are a brilliant way to let players decide how they want Outriders to play – whether it’s more like an RPG, more like shooter, or a bit of both. 

“We are making the game we always wanted to play. The team at PCF are all gamers and we love shooters. Shooters are in our DNA and we have been making them for decades. At the same time, we also love RPGs,” said Bartek Kmita, Creative Director of Outriders at People Can Fly. “We always wanted to play a deep RPG, with an epic story and the flexibility to create lots of interesting character builds, but we also wanted a skill-based, challenging and intense real-time combat system in our RPG.”

Outriders is coming to current and next-gen consoles Holiday 2020. 

We already got a chance to head to Enoch and do some damage, check out our Outriders hands-on preview (opens in new tab)

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