F.E.A.R. 3 Alma Dolls and Psychic Link Guide

Alma is back in a big way and this time it’s up to the Point Man and Paxton Fettel to find their mother in the city of Fairport. Of course this is easier said than done with the veritable army of hostile forces in your way, ranging from military units to monstrosities that the F.E.A.R. games love to throw at you straight from your nightmares. Along the way there are a pair of collectibles to keep your eyes open for; dead bodies you can psychic link with and weird dolls made in Alma’s image.

Unfortunately this game doesn’t make it easy for you to find all of these collectibles. When you start up a level the collectibles will, in many cases, be shifted between one of two positions. This is randomized when you start a level not when reloading a checkpoint although sometimes they will shift on you which seems to be a glitch. Also complicating matters is that not every corpse will actually shift position, only some of them are randomized and sometimes even then the difference is a matter of twenty feet.

Luckily for you there are a few things working in your favor. First of all you don’t have to collect all of the bodies in one playthrough. So long as you synchronize with 100 bodies in the course of all of your passes through the game then you will get the achievement. You do however need to find all of the Alma dolls so if you’re going after any collectibles than those are the ones to focus on.

Interval 1 – Prison

Psychic Link #1 – This one can’t be missed as its right in your path.

Psychic Link #2 – You will enter a cell block area with a control room and enemies on the walkway levels above you. Take the stairs to your right when you enter, busting the lock to open the way, and go up the stairs to the third floor. The body is up here, nearby an ammo crate with a shotgun in it.

Psychic Link #3 – After escaping the three floor cell block you will fight some more enemies and be in a hallway. There is a guard station in this hallway but you can’t see a way in. Go forward until you open a double door, turn to the right and go forward until you reach the other wall. Turn to the right, go through the shelves and you will find a doorway into the room.

Psychic Link #4 – In the cafeteria turned warzone you will have a rather big gun fight. When all goes quiet a few more enemies will open up the kitchen shutter and attack you. After killing them go into the kitchen and take a right to get behind the fenced in part of the cafeteria. All the way at the far end, near the ammo box, you can jump on a table to reach the corpse of this worker.

Psychic Link #5 – With the cafeteria cleared and link #4 obtained go upstairs. You’ll have a few enemies to deal with up here before going into a control room for this block. Turn to the right when you enter, bust the lock on the gate and go through. Near the end of this path, in front of the ammo crate, you will find this body.

Psychic Link #6 – You will head down some stairs while listening to a radio transmission discussing Cellblock Charlie. Break the lock on this gate and right in front of you is the psychic link corpse.

Psychic Link #7 – Continue down the stairs. When you reach the bottom of the stairs look into the middle of the “cage” to see a dead body.

Alma Doll #1

Crouch and continue to follow the path until a blood trail leads you into a corner. This is where the Alma Doll lurks.

Psychic Link #8 – Upon leaving the stairwell an explosion will rock the building. Apparently a gas line has been ruptured by the gunfire and its affecting power in the building. As you go forward a cart will come flying past in front of you. Go through the partially open gate and take a left through the gate here. You’ll find this corpse looking like he committed suicide.

Psychic Link #9 – From the body turn around and head forward. This will take you through another gate and then you’ll see something creepy as hell scuttle past you. Go through the door into the stairwell and walk through the boxes, as well as ducking, to get under the staircase. The soldier is under here.

Psychic Link #10 – Here are the two locations for this body:
• The first is in the stairwell just above the last corpse. As you run up the stairs you will see a soldier get set on fire with a door near him. Go up the stairs turn to the left and check behind the boxes. If the body is tucked away here in the corner see below.

• The body will be just up ahead through the door. Open the double doors and run straight ahead over towards the ammo box. The body will be on the floor nearby.

Psychic Link #11 – Just past the other corpse you will have a gunfight with a number of enemies in a large, grated, multi-tiered cell block. After killing the enemies go back to the level that you start on. Walk along the left side and you will see an open door. Go into this cell to find a guy seemingly drowned in a toilet.

Psychic Link #12 – From the last body go down a level and the ground will explode in front of you. The only way forward is through a cell with some sort of tunnel dug into it. The body is found just inside the tunnel.

Psychic Link #13 – This is where things get hairy. This and the next collectible must be gotten while there is still at least one enemy alive because once all the enemies are dead a cutscene will take over. So as soon as you exit the tunnel and get back into the cell block run up the stairs to your right to grab this.

Psychic Link #14 – Kill the shotgun enemy and then take up position near the stairs going down. From here you’ll want to kill enemies as they peek out, being sure that there’s always at least two enemies shooting at you. When its down to just the one enemy run down the stairs, turn to the left and sprint into the open cell.

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