Doctor Strange issue added to Marvel Comics August 2020 schedule

Marvel Comics has added an additional issue to its August 2020 schedule – Doctor Strange #6 by writer Mark Waid and artist Kev Walker.

The issue was originally solicited to arrive in May, but was postponed indefinitely – along with most of Marvel’s spring titles – due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on comics distribution. With the resumption of distribution, Doctor Strange #5 was  rescheduled for release July 8, although no Doctor Strange was solicited in Marvel’s August 2020 catalog.

That’s now been rectified, with Doctor Strange #6 set for release August 5. 

“Doctor Strange is hot on the trail of the magical thief infiltrating the Sanctum Machina!” reads Marvel’s solicitation, which was unchanged from the original May release. “But as his investigation leads him deeper into a magical black arms-dealing market, the danger of being discovered mounts higher and higher… and what he discovers will leave him reeling!”

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And thanks to our crystal ball… or rather, a record of Marvel’s original pre-COVID-19 plans for June 2020, we can also presume the content of Doctor Strange #7 – if the publisher doesn’t make any further changes.

“Are YOU Doctor Strange’s biggest fan? Would you jump at the chance to join the Sorcerer Supreme on an epic magical adventure—no matter the danger???” reads Marvel’s original solicit for Doctor Strange #7, by Waid and guest artist Tom Reilly. “Those are the questions that Kermit, Stephen’s office assistant and #1 Strange fan, will have to answer, as he gets swept up in Doctor Strange’s latest mystical maelstrom!”

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