Destiny 2 Xur June 19 location and Exotics: Where is Xur June 19 – June 23?

The Destiny 2 Xur June 19 location is down on Io in Watcher’s Grave. Land at the northeast point, head into the Cabal facility, and hug the left wall until you come to a cave. You’ll find Xur inside, where he’ll remain until reset time on Tuesday, June 23.

Here’s everything Xur is selling this weekend. Remember that even if you already own all of these Exotics, you can still buy armor again for a better stat roll. That’s in addition to Xur’s random Exotic engram, which is always worth buying. 

  • Exotic Weapon – Crimson: fires a three-round burst, and kills with this weapon restore health. Precision kills will also refill your magazine. Crimson is the Destiny 2 version of the Destiny 1 pulse rifle Red Death, and it’s every bit as lethal in the  Crucible. You’ll want to get the Catalyst for it – which can drop all over the place and isn’t that rare – but it’s strong out of the box too. 
  • Hunter Exotic – The Dragon’s Shadow: dodging reloads all your weapons and boosts your movement speed and weapon handling for a short period. The Dragon’s Shadow is the go-to neutral Hunter Exotic. It’s good in virtually every build and scenario, and after wearing for a bit, you’ll have a hard time taking it off. 
  • Titan Exotic – Mk. 44 Stand Asides: get an overshield when charging with a shoulder charge ability while at full health. Hits with these abilities will restore some melee energy. The Stand Asides are pretty much just a worse version of the Dunemarchers. It does something while you’re using a charge melee ability, but the thing it does is strictly worse. 
  • Warlock Exotic – Starfire Protocol: gain an additional fusion grenade charge and regain grenade energy by dealing damage in an empowered rift. Fusion grenade kills grant rift energy. Thanks to a buff, Starfire Protocol is now an all-in-one build which is actually pretty fun to use in PvE, so if you fancy some solar grenades, give it a go. 

Here’s everything we know about the future of Destiny 2 (opens in new tab), from a trilogy of expansions to next-gen support. 

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