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There’s more to do on the island of Banoi than just curb-stomping zombies and running perilous errands for people who claim they’re too busy (we’re looking at you Sinamoi). There are over 150 collectibles to find that are good for two achievements/trophies: “Gotta find ‘em all” (60 found) and “Nearly There” (120 found). We’ve mapped out the locations of these collectibles for all four of the game’s major areas and have searched every corner of the game’s sub-areas so that you can make quick and easy work of this daunting task. Happy hunting!

Every collectible has an accompanying text description. Those found in a sub-areas have screenshots as well, since there are no maps for these smaller sections.

Note: due to some of Dead Island’s infamous bugs, we were unable to locate a few of the collectibles. Fortunately, there are more than 150 in the game, which is far more than the 120 required for the achievement/trophy. On top of that, the game’s internal counter for the achievement progress seems to be buggy (on Xbox 360 at least), so you may earn your achievement long before hitting 120. We certainly did!


#1 (ID Card #24) In a toolbox on the roof of the Tunnel Gas Station

#2 (ID Card #25) On the dash of a wrecked truck found on the road running along the west side of the resort

#3 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #12) Inside Harlan’s hut, near the foot of the bed.

#4 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #11) Inside the bunker in the northwestern section of the Resort. Look above the work bench. You won’t have access to this bunker until Act 2, but if you leap to your death from the high ledge surrounding the bunker, you may just respawn inside. The only way to get out would then be the quick travel map on the wall. Yay bugs!

#5 (ID Card #17) Upon entering this warehouse, look to your immediate right. There on a desk, illuminated by a lamp, is the ID card.

#6 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #10) Just above the work bench in this warehouse.

#7 (ID Card #16) On the roof of this structure, inside some open luggage next to the painted HELP sign.

#8 (ID Card #15) In the back room of this warehouse, on a desk. It’s illuminated by a lamp.

#9 (ID Card #14) Near the cash register in this gas station. When you first arrive here, an NPC player may be blocking the door, but that won’t stop you from just reaching over the counter to grab the ID.

#10 (ID Card #18) In front of the entrance to the hotel, inside an open luggage bag.

#11 (ID Card #19) Inside the bar hut near the hotel. In order to get in, look for the storage key on the bar near one of the entrances to the hut.

#12 (ID Card #20) Lying an open bag, in the corner of the women’s bathroom. The bathrooms are underground, so look for an entrance with stairs leading down.

#13 (ID Card #21) Inside bungalow 15 on a bookshelf. You’ll have to break in through the side door.

#14 (ID Card #22) Inside bungalow 14 is this ID card on the bed. To gain access to the bungalow, nab the keys from a corpse in front of the hotel entrance. The corpse is pictured above.

#15 (Tape #1) On a table in Sinamoi’s bungalow (#11). Most likely the first collectible you’ll…collect.

#16 (ID Card #23) Inside Steve Summers’s bungalow (#10). You can simply jump the barrier to get inside.

#17 (ID Card #1) In an open suitcase just outside bungalow 4.

#18 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #1) Inside the hut where you begin the game (after the prologue).

#19 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #2) Inside the surf shop next to the computer.

#20 (ID Card #2) Inside the bar hut at the end of the pier.

#21 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #3) Sitting on a desk, on the first floor of the Lifeguard Tower.

#22 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #4) On a desk inside the bedroom of this red bungalow (not numbered).

#23 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #5) In the bungalow where you find Anne, the woman who always asks for fresh water.

#24 (ID Card #12) Also in the bungalow where you find Anne. The card is on the nightstand.

#25 (ID Card #13) On a bookshelf right next to Luke Craig. Depending on your quests, he may not be here later in the game. The card will be, however.

#26 (ID Card #11) In the bedroom of this bungalow. You may have to break in through the side door.

#27 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #6) Check the toolbox in the corner of the underground power station.

#28 (ID Card #3) On the windowsill of the lifeguard hut, on the beach.

#29 (ID Card #4) On a blue beach towel, on the beach.

#30 (ID Card #5) On a table inside this bungalow, near the beach.

#31 (ID Card #6) On the music stage, near the tabletop fan.

#32 (Tape #2) Right next to James, on a table.

#33 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #9) On a desk, on the top floor of this bunker.

#34 (ID Card #7) On a stack of crates inside this bunker.

#35 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #8) Inside the most northeastern bungalow of the resort, on a wall shelf.

#36 (ID Card #8) On the ground inside this bar hut.

#37 (ID card #9) On a small table inside the bathroom of this bungalow.

#38 (ID Card #10) On the bed inside this bungalow.

#39 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #7) Inside this bar hut on the counter.

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