Easter Bunnies: Sci-Fi & Fantasys Greatest Rabbits

• This is an updated and expanded version of a feature from the SFX Archives. By Jayne Nelson and Dave Golder .

Roger Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit

He’s a nice guy, is Roger, but he’s not what you’d call “intelligent”. Earning peanuts being beaten up by a baby for a living, he flits from personal disaster to personal disaster, gets accused of murder and makes life hell for detective Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins). Plus have you heard his voice ? It’s enough to strip wallpaper from walls! (No offence to voice artist Charles Fleischer, we hasten to add.)

His wife’s a bit of alright, though.

Easterific or horrific? Ha ha ha ha ha! Excuse us as we wipe tears of laughter from our eyes. Can you imagine the accident-prone, calamity-strewn, bad luck-magnet Roger Rabbit delivering Easter eggs? He’d try – he’d try sooooo hard – but there’s be nothing left but chocolatey goo at the end…

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Harvey Harvey

Harvey isn’t technically a rabbit at all. He’s a pooka, a cheeky little scamp from Celtic mythology who has taken the form of a rabbit in order to hang out with best pal Elwood P Dowd (James Stewart). Standing at six foot three-and-a-half inches tall and invisible to everybody except Elwood, Harvey’s mere existence causes all sorts of good-natured trials and tribulations for his human chum before he moves on to pastures new.

Easterific or horrific? Being invisible would help with his egg-delivering duties, and Harvey’s got a few magical tricks up his sleeve. But as he’s not really a rabbit, we feel it would be cheating to make him the Easter Bunny.

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John Crichton and “Harvey” Farscape

Well, Crichton did nickname the neural clone of Scorpius that got lodged in his brain Harvey after the big invisible rabbit (after all, only John could see him) so it was only logical that eventually Crichton would hallucinate him as an actual rabbit. We weren’t expecting Crichton to join him, though.

Easterific or horrific? Both. We’re sure some people have dreams about Ben Browder as the Easter Bunny feeding them chocolate (there’s probably a whole website devoted to it) but Scorpius? That’s just freaky. And wrong.

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