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There are many side quests in Borderlands 2 that come out of the various locales of Pandora and it almost seems like everyone on the planet needs you to help them with something. Over the course of the game, most of the quests will originate from the large town of Sanctuary, but there are plenty to be found from the numerous other areas as well as some cleverly hidden side missions. If it seems that you are out of side missions to do, be sure to visit the Bounty Boards of the various regions and look for yellow exclamation point markers on the map. When they appear, they will let you know that there are new missions available for you and that someone once again is in need of your help!

Southern Shelf

This Town Ain’t Big Enough

Experience: 160 XP
Money: $63
Gear: Grim Rifle

After meeting Sir Hammerlock and clearing out Liar’s Berg of Bullymongs, you will then need to talk to Hammerlock to get this mission. It’s fairly simple and all that it requires you to do is to visit two locations in the Berg and kill a few more Bullymongs. Head to the West to find the graveyard and then to the east to the pond. Both locations will need to be cleared, but it is not difficult at all and there are not all that many Bullymongs to contend with. Once you have defeated them all, return to Hammerlock for your reward.

Handsome Jack Here! (Undiscovered)

Experience: 80 XP
Money: $63
Gear: Angry TMP/Value Handgun

For this quest, you will need to track down a few audio logs that follow the route of Helena Pearce. The first audio log can be found in the small group of buildings to the west of Liar’s Berg sitting in the snow. Once you have it, the second location will appear on your map. The second can be found at the very south of the map in Liar’s Berg, in a small building behind a fence. You will need to break the lock to open the sliding door to find it. The third can be found just to the west of the second. To reach it, you will need to climb the ladder on the rear of the building at the objective marker and then go around the roof and hop up to the top. Smash open the pile of rubble and the audio log will come out. For the fourth and final one, go back to the east a little ways and open the slanted door to the west of the building, along the side to find it.

Bad Hair Day

Experience: 362 XP
Money: $15
Gear: Hyiu Chinook/Shotgun

While in the Southern Shelf, talk to Hammerlock again and you will receive this mission from him. He will ask that you track down some Bullymong hair for him. You will need to find 4 tufts for him and they aren’t exactly close to the Berg. Make your way out to the west and to the south to find all 4 locations. For the southern location, you will need to bring down the electric fence at the set of buildings. Simply shot the fuse box on the wall behind it and continue through to the back area where the swarm of creatures will attack. To get the fur, you will need to weaken the Adult Bullymongs until they are near death and then use a melee attack on them to get the fur. If you kill them by accident, no worries as more will show up in no time. Once you have all 4, claptrap will pipe up and offer you a shotgun instead of Hammerlock’s Sniper rifle. It’s up to you which weapon you choose to receive by choosing who to turn the quest in to.

Shield Favors

Experience: 160 XP
Money: $31
Gear: Skin Customization

After talking with Hammerlock, you will need to exit Liar’s Berg to the west and make your way to the first set of buildings called Gateway Harbor. You will need to clear out a few Marauders inside, but nothing too taxing. When you reach the elevator to get to the shop, you will need to first find a fuse to operate it. Continue across the ice to the west to find another settlement there with an electric fence. Kill the Psychos and Marauders that show up and then nail the fuse box to kill the electricity. If you have done the Bad Hair side Quest already, this should already be open to you. Simply grab the fuse and then head back to the elevator. Pull the lever and enter the door at the top. Use the vending machine to purchase a shield and then pop open the rest of the boxes and cabinets for loot. Once done, head back to Hammerlock for the reward.


Experience: 362 XP
Money: $39
Gear: Head Customization

Make your way south to where you needed to grab the Bullymong hair and then enter the cave there that will take you to Shelf Bay South. Make your way to the south and then to the east to face a couple swarms of Bullymongs. Once they are dispatched, hop on the ferry system there and enter the small area of Blackheart Cove. In here there will be a ton of midgets, Psychos, and Marauders to deal with. Once you have cleared enough of them out, Midge-Mong will show up and bounce around the area firing at you. You can take out either the Bullymong or Midge first, but whichever you do, the other will still need to be taken down. Once both are defeated, simply return to Hammerlock to receive your customization.

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