Around the Internet – Facebook buys Oculus, cartoons as games, and more

Once a week we gather up all of the most popular articles from our friends around the internet. This week see which retro cartoons need to be revived in a video game, get all the details on the Oculus acquisition by Facebook, and much more. Check out all of these articles and more by clicking on the links below.

The Koalition

The Quarterly Report: January – March 2014 Gaming Recap

The incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Video Preview – Incredible Indeed

4 Things We Want From Thief 2

Brutal Gamer

Feature Friday: Classic cartoons that need reanimating as video games

Titanfall (PC) Review

Nintendo and Sony’s CEOs facing challenges

GGS Gamer

Preview: Mario Kart 8

Facebooculous: Facebook and the Rift

Review: Luftrausers


Sold! Take a commercial break with The best Game TV ads

Revving up for Mario Kart 8? You’ll need our guide to The Best and Worst Mario Kart Tracks

Official Nintendo Magazine

ONM’s gone Mario Kart 8 mad this week. See what all the fuss is about by watching the brand new trailer, featuring new courses and items.

If that’s not quite enough video evidence of why this is the year’s most exciting game yet, check out our video rundowns of all 16 courses we’ve played so far.

Official PlayStation Magazine

The biggest disasters on PS3 – 10 games voted for by Official PlayStation Magazine readers

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes cassette locations – find them all with our handy guide

Official Xbox Magazine

Seven ways to die in Alien: Isolation

Things to do in Watch Dogs when you’re Guay


Amazon has revealed the Amazon Fire TV in New York, but is it enough to take on Google’s Chromecast?

Microsoft has lifted the lid on Windows Phone 8.1, complete with the Cortana digital personal assistant.


Amazon’s decided it wants a piece of the TV pie and has just revealed its Fire TV streaming box. Read our hands on Amazon Fire TV review.

Cortana is here! But just how good is Microsoft’s response to Siri? The answer lies in our hands on Windows Phone 8.1 review

Tesco Tech

Sat nav maker Garmin has come up with a novel new way to help you find your way around. Find out more in How it works… Garmin HUD+ Enter our fantastic films competition and you could win Blu-ray versions of “Frozen”, “American Hustle”, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and “Philomena”. Come on you, you know you want to!

Total Film

What’s coming up at the box office? Find out with out with epic guide to New Movies Coming to the Cinema

Sweet dreams or total nightmare? Find out in our 50 Best Movie Dream Sequences

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