50 Movie Bad Girls Gone Good

Mirage (The Incredibles)

Evilest Act: Working as a henchwoman for villainous wannabe, Syndrome, she tricks out-of-action superhero Bob into donning his alterego and battling the Omnidroid robot. Which is designed to kill him.

The Turnaround: When Syndrome almost kills Bob’s children and gambles with her life during a bluff, she realises his moral compass is a little skewed and sets the captured Bob free.

May Day (A View To A Kill)

Evilest Act: Barging into the Eiffel Tower restaurant and assassinating French detective Achille Aubergine.

The Turnaround: Realising her equine-drugging paramour Zorin has jetted off in his airship and abandoned her, she switches teams quicker than a drunk student. Joining Bond, she helps prevent a huge bomb from detonating a mine.

Baby Jane Hudson (Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?)

Evilest Act: Embroiled in a bitter battle with her bedridden sister, Blanche, she upps the ante and serves up her sister’s dead pet parakeet on her lunch tray. Breast or leg, indeed.

The Turnaround: Following Blanche’s confession that it was down to her own carelessness that she ended up paralysed, Jane wearily asks “You mean all this time we could have been friends?”

Gwen Cummings (28 Days)

Evilest Act: Crashing a limo at her sister’s wedding while on the phone arranging for a new wedding cake. After having already ruined the original cake earlier in her intoxicated state, she confirms the little-known mantra “Too many gins spoil the Mr. Kiplings.”

The Turnaround: Through attending rehab and noticing the lives of her fellow rehabbers are shockingly similar to her own, she vies to make a change in her life and stay sober.

Cristal Connors (Showgirls)

Evilest Act: Humiliating Vegas newcomer Nomi Malone during a lapdance, by insinuating she is little more than a cheap hooker. Pot, kettle, black, anyone?

The Turnaround: Winding up in hospital after Nomi pushes her down a flight of stairs, she apologises. A sweet settlement mellows her out, as she tells the plucky young thing she’d pulled the same stunt when she arrived in Vegas.

Kitty Fane (The Painted Veil)

Evilest Act: Embarking on an affair, getting caught, then having the cheek to ask her husband Walter if it’s alright for her to marry her lover!

The Turnaround: Spending time with her doctor husband while he tends to a cholera outbreak, it becomes clear he isn’t the cold-hearted mood hoover she thought. She falls in love with him, forever banishing the memory of her lover.

Charlene Baltimore (The Long Kiss Goodnight)

Evilest Act: Operating as an assassin for the CIA, she wipes out a carload of trenchcoat-wearin’ wrongdoers and tries to rub pelvises with her buddy Mitch to eradicate all memory of her goody two shoes identity.

The Turnaround: Unable to fight her maternal instincts, she returns to her assumed identity of Samantha Caine and stops a bomb from blowing up on Christmas Eve.

Sarah Connor (Terminator 2)

Evilest Act: Taking it upon herself to shoulder the burden of judgement day, she seeks out the unsuspecting man responsible, Miles Dyson and shoots up his home – injuring him and scaring the bejeezus out of his family.

The Turnaround: Listening to the soothing words of her son, John, she sobers up as it dawns on her the real battle has not yet begun. Witnessing the damage she has caused (albeit to half a dozen dot matrix printers), she knows the fight is with the machines and not with Dyson.

Kate Hannah (Smashed)

Evilest Act: Getting drunk in her car before work, vomiting in front of her class of school children then telling them she’s pregnant. Talk about insult to bingery.

The Turnaround: Relieving her bladder on the floor of a convenience store while intoxicated, she decides it’s time to attend AA.

Ana Pascale (Stranger Than Fiction)

Evilest Act: A badass baker refusing to pay a portion of her taxes, she gives heart-of-gold tax auditor Harold a hard time despite his attempts at playing nice.

The Turnaround: After spending an entire day giving Harold the cold shoulder, she realises she may have been a little harsh so bakes him a batch of cookies.

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