20 Movie Houses You Can Live In

Blade Runner (1982)

The House: Designed by guru Frank Lloyd Wright, the 1924 Ennis House is nestled in the Hollywood Hills and sold for $15m in 2009.

The Movie: Ridley Scott’s moody masterpiece, set in a futuristic 2019 where ex-police officer Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is on the hunt for human look-alike Replicants.

If We Lived There: We’d paint each one of those squares a different colour and turn it into a 24/7 disco.

Atonement (2007)

The House: A beautiful English manor called Stokesay Court. Built in 1889, it’s out in Shropshire somewhere.

The Movie: Haunting war drama in which a lie spirals out of control, and leads to James McAvoy heading out to war, never to see the love of his life ever again.

If We Lived There: We’d walk around in our finest frock all day long, draped in jewellery, and eat nothing but caviar.

North By Northwest (1959)

The House: The Vandamm House. Not to be confused with the house of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Sadly it doesn’t actually exist, but you could build a copy – we’re sure there’s a blueprint lying around Hollywood somewhere.

The Movie: Celebrated as one of Alfred Hitchcock’s finest, Cary Grant stars as an innocent man mistaken for someone who wants to release government secrets to the world. It ends with that famous Mount Rushmore stand-off.

If We Lived There: It would either cure us of our debilitating fear of heights, or drive is crazy.

Meet The Fockers (2004)

The House: Situated in the East of Los Angeles, this rather unique abode is normally white, and is known as the Baldwin Cottage (after founder Elias Baldwin).

The Movie: Comedy sequel, in which poor Focker Gaylord (Ben Stiller) has to introduce his family to his fiancée’s rabble – with belly-rolling results.

If We Lived There: We’d pretend we were Willy Wonka – doesn’t that look like the kind of place he’d live if evicted from the chocolate factory?

What Lies Beneath (2000)

The House: A gorgeous lakeside residence in Addison, Vermont. Director Robert Zemeckis and his crew built the entire thing just for the movie.

The Movie: Creepy ghost story in which Michelle Pfeiffer is haunted by a spook when she moves into her new home. Meanwhile, has her scary neighbour really murdered his wife?

If We Lived There: We’d get an exorcist in pronto – you can never be too careful.

Zombieland (2009)

The House: Sitting in Atlanta, Georgia, this abode doubles as Bill Murray’s crib in Zombieland . In reality, it belongs to ‘Big Poppa’, who was apparently formerly married to Kim Zolciak from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

The Movie: Hilariously tongue-in-cheek zombie flick that follows a quartet of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world that’s fallen at the feet of ravenous flesh-munchers.

If We Lived There: We’d probably get lost for days and end up crying in a corner until the maid rescues us.

Gone With The Wind (1939)

The House: Twelve Oaks, a once stunning town house.

The Movie: Sweeping epic based on Margaret Mitchell’s novel, set against the backdrop of the American civil war.

If We Lived There: We’d need to spend a good decade or so returning it to its former glory (it burned down in the 1950s), but we reckon we can get a ruin for a heck of a discount.

Twilight (2008)

The House: Super-cool, super-stylish digs owned by the Cullen family of vampires. In real life, it’s owned by Nike footwear designer John Hoke.

The Movie: Faint-inducing adaptation of Stephenie Meyers’ first Twilight novel, starring dreamboat Robert Pattinson as a twinkly good vampire who doesn’t eat people – unless they really deserve it. Which is why he refuses to – uh – eat Bella, who bites her lip a lot in response.

If We Lived There: We’d hire a CSI team to find all of R-Pattz fingerprints throughout the house, then frame them. We’re odd like that.

Disturbia (2007)

The House: Beautiful timber-frame American home situated in Whittier, California. Nice garden, too.

The Movie: Canny teen update of Rear Window , in which Shia LaBeouf’s ASBO nuisance is under house arrest when he spots his neighbour behaving weirdly. Is he a closet murderer?

If We Lived There: We’d sit on the porch every evening playing the banjo and drinking Duff.

Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986)

The House: Located in Long Beach, California, this is the house owned by the Bueller family in the movie. It was also used in Red Dragon and Not Another Teen Movie.

The Movie: John Hughes classic following the titular Ferris’ fun-filled day skiving school. Charlie Sheen makes a brief, early cameo appearance.

If We Lived There:
We’d invite Matthew Broderick over for dinner.

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