This Horizon Forbidden West setting turns Aloy into an expert forager

Horizon Forbidden West includes an option that inadvertently turns Aloy into an expert when it comes to gathering supplies. 

Redditor u/massito54 (opens in new tab) took to the Horizon subreddit (opens in new tab) with a clip demonstrating the setting, which can be found within the game’s expansive series of options. 

In the clip, Aloy approaches a plant and a prompt appears to “Gather Medicinal Skybrush”. A quick trip to the settings, however, and that prompt disappears. Applied to the wider world of the Forbidden West, and that means that in order to get ahead, you’ll have to keep a close eye out for the plants and supplies you’re looking for, rather than simply mashing buttons everywhere you go. For anyone looking for something of a challenge or a way to feel more like they’re at home in the game, this is an interesting way to do it. 

thank_you_guerrilla_for_making_fw_even_more from r/horizon

To turn on this optional mode, you’ll go to the Settings menu, then Custom HUD Settings. From there, choose Action Prompts, and opt for “Dynamic”, the option that reads “Shows and hides automatically based on context. If the information is not critical it won’t be shown.” 

But while this is obviously a great addition to the game for one player, Reddit commenters aren’t as impressed by the added context. 

“Hell no, I’ve got enough problems with Aloy diving into campfires even when the fast travel prompt is showing but the game decides to ignore it,” wrote u/rvl35. 

“I like it!” replied u/Alienoy. “It’s not for me though, I need all the help I can get.” 

If it is something that tickles your fancy, it’s easy enough to enable or disable. And you never know. Turning it on may just help you learn a little something, too. 

Need some help guiding Aloy? Check out our Horizon Forbidden West guide and everything you need to know about the game. 

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