Spirit of the Island is basically tropical Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing

There are plenty of farming sims that try to do the whole Stardew Valley thing, but Spirit of Island deserves some attention. 

Set on a tropical Archipelago, it’s basically Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What was once a thriving destination has become run down and rather abandoned, so now it’s your job to bring the area back to life. 

So you’ll set up a farm and slowly expand it, all the while taking part in a range of other activities, from farming and foraging to fishing and mining. 

But, it’s not just your home you need to work on, as you’ll also transform the entire island into a tourist paradise, with shops, museums, and other landmarks. 

It’s here that you’ll be able to sell the produce you create on your farm, display the treasures and other discoveries you find – a la Animal Crossing – and even sell other items you find.

If you do a good enough job, visitors may then decide to stay on the island full time and become a resident with you. Then you can hire them to tend your shops or help you keep the island looking beautiful. Heck you can evenfall in love and get married.

There’s also a full co-op mode too, so you can have a friend join you online on your Archipelago adventures. 

There are actually 14 unique islands to explore, each with its own offerings too, and navigating them will also help unlock the secrets of your own past. 

What’s more, Spirit of the Island is out now via Steam Early Access, and there’s a free demo to download if you want to give it a try. Head over to the Steam page now for more info. (opens in new tab)

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