South Park: The Fractured But Whole – How to fight and beat Morgan Freeman

South Park: The Fractured But Whole has plenty of WTF moments, but having to fight Morgan Freeman is probably up there at the top of the rankings. For legal reasons, we should probably point out that you can stop feeling guilty for battling the man with the kindest voice in Hollywood because Trey Parker is actually the voice of Freeman in South Park: The Fractured but Whole. With your conscience clear, here’s how to defeat him. 

Freeman is probably the hardest boss you’ll face in South Park: The Fractured But Whole (opens in new tab), but if you want that Golden Taco Artifact and the Farts over Freckles trophy or achievement you’re going to have to beat him. Here’s how to do it.

First of all, don’t even try if you haven’t beaten the game, don’t have the Summon TimeFart, or aren’t close to 800 Might. Next, make sure you have have a LOT of healing items, particularly Maximum Revives and Maximum Antidote. Seriously, look in your inventory. Do you think you have enough? That’s not enough. Make more. We’re talking 6 or 7 of each, minimum.

Now head to Freeman’s Tacos, which you’ll find on the main street just behind your house. Once you’re inside, interact with the counter on the far left side and make your way behind it. Punch Morgan Freeman three times and you’ll trigger the boss fight.

Quick note here: Mr. Freeman won’t fight you if your character is black, so you’ll need to visit PC Principal at the Micro Brew to change your ethnicity (opens in new tab) if you’re playing as a black character.

To give yourself the best chance take Toolshed, Mysterion, and Mosquito as your allies. Set your Artifacts and DNA Power to something that doesn’t take away your health, and reduces status effect damage done to your party.

Choose at least one power that can apply a status effect such as Bleeding or Burning. If you want to be a little more offense-driven like us, pick two. Then make another one of your powers a repositioning attack or way to redirect damage.

Start the fight by using the Summon TimeFart as soon as possible – this not only interrupts Morgan Freeman’s turn, but also calls in a younger version of yourself with all the same powers you have. Continue to use the Summon TimeFart during the fight, but save it for when Mr Freeman is about to launch an area blast against your party rather than an individual attack.

Now, keep your party spread out on both sides of the battle, keeping Freeman in the middle. Soon he’ll call in a younger version of himself – once this happens, focus on taking them down as quickly as possible.

In the final phase he can Charm – so use status effects to keep damage flowing while using items to keep everyone alive. Your allies will almost certainly die, but try to never have everyone grouped on one side of the fight and heal from afar if you can. Keep the attacks raining in and you’ll eventually grind Mr Freeman down. Congratulations, you’ve just beaten the hardest boss in the game.

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