Ponder the space cube in these alleged leaked Starfield images

A supposed new set of images from Bethesda’s upcoming RPG Starfield has leaked.

We can’t verify whether these images, stemming from Twitter user @OfficialXboxU (opens in new tab), are legitimate leaks, but they’re labeled as caps from a 2017 build of the game. They also happen to be a bit inscrutable beyond an obvious shot of the protagonist exploring an area with the previously-revealed minimalistic UI in view. 

There’s not a lot here to go on in terms of context, however, so while they’re still potentially a new peek at more Starfield, it’s difficult to say what some of these objects are or where these locations were taken from — let alone if they’re still in the game. Have a look at them below and see if you can decipher their secrets. 

More Starfield leaks👀 I can’t wait for this summer’s reveal, Xbox Gamers. pic.twitter.com/Cr86BNyctyApril 4, 2022

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These new images are mostly in line with another set of screens we saw just a few days ago from an alleged 2018 build of the game. That set of five images, which debuted on r/StarfieldAlliance (opens in new tab), were labeled as “5 new leaked pictures from the 2018 build of Starfield” and appear to show off the interior and exterior of a base as well as a player looking out into the distance. 

It’s possible that we’ve already seen more of Starfield than we may have realized, right in the middle of the game’s latest trailer. The new episode of Into the Starfield may have actually contained a gameplay clip, complete with voice acting. Bethesda could have sneaked in a quick look at a cutscene, if nothing else. 

We’ll likely continue to see new caps and more footage surface in the coming months leading up to Starfield’s eventual release. For now, gaze into these new leaks and see if there’s anything more of substance that we should keep in mind before launching into space when Starfield debuts on November 11. 

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