Play the demo for Doom-inspired FPS Project Warlock 2 right now

There’s a fresh demo for Project Warlock 2, an upcoming PC game inspired by classic FPS titles like Doom.

Featured as part of the Future Games Show‘s Virtual Show Floor, Project Warlock 2 follows on from the events of the first game – released in 2018 – and is set to drop into Steam Early Access in June this year. 

In the game, you’ll be fighting through three chapters, each set in their own distinct local, where you’ll discover a whole host of deadly monsters are out for your blood. This bullet-hell action game will also have you coming up against hulking great bosses that certainly won’t be for the faint-hearted. 

Each level has been made with plenty of verticality too, which ensures each one is up to 10 times bigger than those found in the original game.

There are also three characters to play as, who anyone who played the first game will be familiar with. Known as Palmer, Urd, and Kirsten, each one has their own unique weapons and magic skills to offer distinct playstyles based on their personalities. Their tools of destruction can also be upgraded, which means there are over 20 weapon options for each character alone. 

Unlike the first game though, Project Warlock 2 does have a save system. Phew! There are quicksaves, manual saves, and autosaves, so you won’t lose much progress when you die – and you will die. 

Other things to note for Project Warlock 2 include a heavy metal soundtrack, which is exactly what you’d hope for with this type of game.

You can both wishlist and download the demo for Project Warlock 2 on Steam right now. (opens in new tab)

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