Moon Knight: Marvel fans are conflicted about Mr. Knight

Moon Knight has introduced a fresh persona for Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant – but not everyone is happy with the new character’s changes from the source material.

In Moon Knight’s second episode, Steven “summoned the suit” and transformed into Mr. Knight, a suave detective character from Marvel’s comics who first debuted in 2014.

Instead of Mr. Knight’s usual calm and composed manner, the character was played for laughs as Steven Grant bumbled around in the new suit – and seemingly discarded any chance of the comic-accurate version of Mr. Knight making an appearance down the line.

“Mr. Knight was rough. It sucks when they don’t take shit seriously because it tells audience not to take it seriously,” one fan wrote on Reddit (opens in new tab).

In reply, another said (opens in new tab), “This is its own thing. I’m a die hard MK comic fan but seeing a different interpretation of Mr. Knight and giving him the opportunity to grow into the badass we see in the comics is really cool.”

Not everyone agreed. “Genuinely awful,” said a Moon Knight viewer (opens in new tab). Another wrote on Twitter (opens in new tab) that the Mr. Knight scene was “bad” and “breaks the pace of an otherwise really good episode.”

Others were more restrained (opens in new tab): “I think it was reasonable that Mr. Knight was introduced this way. Steven doesn’t know what the fuck is going on and he was having a breakdown. He’s going to learn through eps. 3-6, give him time!” a Marvel fan said.

The jury, then, is still out on Mr. Knight. He may float like a butterfly and sting like a bee – but he’s not everyone’s favorite version of Steven-with-a-V.

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