Misfits FX Team Finally Gets Its Award

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The strange case of the missing Royal Television Society (RTS) award for Misfits has finally been resolved.

A few days after the RTS Craft and Design Awards last November it emerged that, due to an administrative error, the RTS award for “Best Effects – Digital” was mistakenly given to Doctor Who , when the jury had in fact voted for Misfits Series Two, for the digital effects created by Erik Ellefsen, George Kyparissous, Sarah Norton and Jo Amery.

So on Tuesday 6 March, the Misfits FX gang dressed up in their finest (again) and finally got to collect their award. But the E4 PR team also deserve some kind of award for genius press release it issued when the whole mystery first arose. We printed it in Spurious Awards at the time, but it’s worth reading again:

“In their time, those orange-jumpsuited miscreants the Misfits have faced some terrible enemies, including psycho probation worker, video game man, tattoo weirdo and milkboy. But today it emerged they had been attacked by their most deadly foe of all: RTS Not-Very-Good-At-Adding-Up-Man (or possibly woman, no sexism here please!)

“Due to an administrative error, at Monday evening’s RTS Craft and Design Awards, the award for Best Effects: Digital was given to Doctor Who when, in fact, the jury had voted for Misfits , for the digital effects supplied by the company Shadowjack.

“The mistake was discovered thanks to Kelly, whose ability to read minds ensured that she knew in advance how all of the jury had voted.

“The RTS has taken immediate and thorough steps to rectify the situation, and the award will now go to Shadowjack, Clerkenwell Films and E4. Erik Ellefsen, George Kyparissous, Sarah Norton and Jo Amery of Shadowjack will be presented with their award at a special ceremony in the New Year.

“In order to spare any blushes, the RTS has requested that Curtis use his powers to turn back time so that the whole mistake could be avoided. Unfortunately, it has been pointed out that Curtis no longer has that power in the latest series, and his ability to turn himself into a woman is of little advantage in this situation.

“It was subsequently pointed out that Kelly’s mind-reading powers were also from a previous series. However, we are the Channel 4 Press Centre, and our secret power is to be able to write articles with no consistency or continuity whatsoever. Ha. Shazam. Take that!

“We are now looking into the possibility that every single award given at Monday’s ceremony, and indeed at every awards ceremony in recent years, should have gone to the Channel 4 stable. After all, any other result just seems ridiculous.”

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