Oscar Isaac gives a new update on the Metal Gear Solid movie

Solid Snake actor Oscar Isaac has given a brief update on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie.

“We’re searching, we’re searching like Solid Snake,” Isaac told IGN (opens in new tab). “We’re climbing through air ducts, we’re looking for the story.”

With the Metal Gear Solid movie seemingly still in the pre-production stages, it might be some time before we see Oscar Isaac slip into the iconic Sneaking Suit. But we’ll leave you with that mental image.

Isaac was cast as Solid Snake, the protagonist of Hideo Kojima’s legendary stealth-action series, back in December 2020. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, best known for his work on Kong: Skull Island, is attached to helm the project and has been instrumental in bringing it to the big screen.

Since then, there’s been pretty much radio silence   – or should that be CODEC silence? – on the Metal Gear Solid movie.

For his part, Vogt-Roberts told Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab) that he’s dreaming big with the Metal Gear Solid movie, aiming to create “a new type of action on screen that also is based in the quietness of the stealth.”

In an interview with our sister publication Total Film, Isaac shared his reasons behind joining the as-yet-undated project.

“I just loved the game,” he said. “I love the feeling that the game would give me every time I’d play. It’s just a strangely isolated, mournful, lonely game to play that has these incredible moments of violence and terror, with these weird, psychedelic concepts and villains. And the truth is, underneath the whole thing, it’s an anti-war story. So I think those are the elements I really love.”

Isaac is set to appear next as Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Marvel’s Disney Plus series Moon Knight. For more on the show – and what else is being cooked up in the MCU – be sure to check out our guide to Marvel Phase 4.

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