Every Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron location and override in the game

Finding Horizon Forbidden West Cauldrons is vital if you want to override machines and use them as mounts, or get them fighting on your side. These locations are heavy on the climbing puzzles and always end with a boss fight before you can claim the rewards they contain. But, if you can get through it all and survive, you’ll slowly build up a library of Horizon Forbidden West machines you can ride, or get to help you in a battle. But, first, you have to find them. So here’s where to find every Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron in the game, and what they unlock when you complete them. 

How Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron and Overrides work

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Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron lets you override the machines in the world once you complete them. That usually involves a lot of climbing puzzles to reach the heart of a Cauldron, and often a boss fight at the end. Your reward, however, will be the ability to take control of machines you find in the world. (You’ll have to sneak up unseen or try your luck when they’re stunned.) Generally, any machine you override will fight for you in a battle, but only the following can be used as mounts to ride about on:

  • Charger
  • Clawstrider
  • Bristleback
  • Sunwing

You won’t always get a ‘full’ override from a Cauldron, with some facilities giving you a mix of ready to use overrides, and partial ones that need to be crafted. These crafting ones can be fabricated back at your base, using parts from the relevant machine. Check the picture above and you’ll see the Scrapper Override needs two Scrapper Radars and one Scrapper Primary Nerve to make. So, if you want to override a Thunderjaw, say, you’re going to have to take a few on to make that happen.

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron locations and overrides

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  1. Cauldron MU (Level 18)
    • Full overrides: Burrower, Scrounger, Grazer
    • Crafting required: Scrapper, Fanghorn, Widemaw
  2. Repair Bay Tau (Level 15)
    • Full overrides: Bristleback
    • Crafting required: Plowhorn, Grimhorn
  3. Cauldron Gemini (Level 30)
    • Full overrides: Sunwing
  4. Cauldron Iota (Level 22)
    • Full overrides: Leaplasher, Glinthawk, Lancehorn, Longleg, Clawstrider
    • Crafting required: Skydrifter, Bellowback, Ravager, Snapmaw, Rollerback
  5. Cauldron Chi (Level 30)
    • Full overrides: Frostclaw, Redeye Watcher, Shell-Walker, Clamberjaw, Behemoth
    • Crafting required: Stalker, Shellsnapper , Spikesnout, Scorcher, Fireclaw
  6. Cauldron Kappa (Level 40)
    • Full overrides: Rockbreaker, Tideripper, Tremortusk, Stormbird
    • Crafting required: Thunderjaw, Slitherfang, Dreadwing, Slaughterspine 

These are all the Horizon Forbidden West Cauldrons in the game, and what you get for completing them. However, some are story specific, and not all of them count as towards game completion as a result. Here’s a quick rundown of some more specific details for each one: 

1. Cauldron MU (Level 18)

This will probably the first ‘real’ Cauldon you’ll encounter by exploring. It’s an optional one that will count towards your total game completion. 

2. Repair Bay Tau (Level 15)

Cauldron Tau, or Repair Bay Tau, is linked the story and you will probably find this one first, depending on how much you explore. 

3. Cauldron Gemini (Level 30)

While you might find Cauldron Gemini as you explore, it’s best to leave it until the story takes you there. You won’t be able to do anything with it until the time comes so don’t worry about seeking it out. Because it’s a story based Cauldron it won’t count towards completion. 

4. Cauldron Iota (Level 22)

Cauldron Iota is one of the best in the game as it contains a secret Tallneck. So it’s a fun change from the usual activities, and ticks off two objectives (you’ll still need to override the Tallneck once it’s released). When you find the main entrance you’ll discover you can’t get in that way and will need to find another way, just to the south.  

5. Cauldron Chi (Level 30)

This is another Cauldron where you’ll have to find another way in, which is to the right of the main door. This varies up the usual climbing with a focus on getting the power back on and find batteries. 

6. Cauldron Kappa (Level 40)

Unsurprisingly, for a Level 40 Cauldron, Kappa is the most challenging in the game. You’ll need to get in via an underwater entrance and be prepared for some tough climbing, while changing water levels to proceed. There’s also a big fight at the end so don’t take this one on lightly.

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