Is Gran Turismo 7 down?

If you’re asking is Gran Turismo 7 down, you’re probably having problems logging into the game, and it’s likely because of server maintenance for update 1.07. Because Gran Turismo 7 requires an internet connection at all times, bringing the servers down for maintenance makes the game completely unplayable, save for trying out a few races. We’ve got all the information you need on Gran Turismo 7 server downtime, connection issues, and maybe some potential fixes to keep you up to date.

Gran Turismo 7 update 1.07 server maintenance

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The new Gran Turismo 7 update, which aims to fix a major issue with a previous 1.07 update should now be live and the Gran Turismo 7 should be working again, allow you to get back into the game. Update 1.07 also fixed numerous bugs, race rewards, and issues to do with incorrect tires on cars, but had to be pulled at the last minute and extended server maintenance brought the game offline for over a day. In future, this type of maintenance that is intentionally brought on by the developers is not something you need to worry about on your end, and there is no possible fix – you need to just wait until the maintenance ends.

At the time of updating this article, Gran Turismo 7 appears to be back online and a news blog from Polyphony Digital founder Kazunori Yamauchi has explained a bit about what happened. You can read the full news blog (opens in new tab), but Yamauchi says that an issue in update 1.07 caused Gran Turismo 7 to not start properly in some cases. Yamauchi also says that the launch of the update was interrupted to preserve save files for players and that update 1.08 should fix the issues.

While it’s good that players can finally get back into the game and have received an update from the development team, many players were annoyed at the lack of information during server downtime. The news blog post also has a small update from Yamauchi about event rewards in Gran Turismo 7, and the future of content for the game – it sounds like the way players earn Gran Turismo 7 Credits and optimal strategies for doing so are going to be changing. 

To stay up to date on Gran Turismo 7 server maintenance progress for future patches, keep an eye on the Gran Turismo 7 news page (opens in new tab) and follow the official Gran Turismo Twitter (opens in new tab). Hopefully, Polyphony Digital looks to implement a proper offline racing mode in future to make sure Gran Turismo 7 doesn’t suffer too much during other server outages or updates.

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