How to sprint in Fortnite

If you’re wondering how to sprint in Fortnite, then you’ve probably heard that movement upgrades have been introduced in Fortnite Season 2 to compensate for the lack of building ability. You may not be able to throw up a defensive wall for protection in Fortnite at the moment, but at least if you can sprint it gives you a better chance to get away from danger before you take significant damage. If you’re not sure how to dash or are having any issues with getting up to speed, here’s how to tactical sprint in Fortnite.

Tactical Sprinting in Fortnite

How to sprint in Fortnite

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Generally, you’ll notice that your overall movement speed is faster than it was in previous seasons, but you can now dash to travel even quicker. To sprint in Fortnite, the default control is to click in the left stick while already moving, where you’ll then see your character deliver a burst of speed. You’ll notice a new stamina bar appear over the top of your shield and HP status, which drains while you sprint and returns you to regular running speed once depleted.

Give it a couple of seconds and your stamina will replenish, allowing you to start Fortnite sprinting once again. You can continuing running during this time as it won’t affect how quickly your stamina regenerates, and you don’t have to wait for the bar to fully refill before you sprint again – though naturally you won’t be able to sprint for as long if you’re working with a half-empty stamina bar.

If you can’t sprint in Fortnite, check your controls

How to sprint in Fortnite

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Depending on how heavily you’ve been customizing your controls, there may have been an issue created to stop you from sprinting in Fortnite. To check this, head to your settings and make sure that sprint is bound in the Controller Configuration screen. You’ll see the setting for this just below Move near the top of the left-hand list, so reassign if necessary to allow you to sprint in Fortnite.

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