Exoprimal is a new dinosaur shooter from Capcom coming next year

Exoprimal is a brand new dinosaur-based IP from Capcom, launching next year for PlayStation.

Earlier today on March 9, a brand new State of Play showcase debuted from PlayStation. Kicking off the festivities was Exoprimal, a brand new action-based IP from Capcom, as two teams of players compete to take down hordes of dinosaurs that are dropping out of portals in the sky.

Right now, it’s a little hard to make out what Exoprimal is actually about. It appears to be a shooter-based game, with humanity rising up to defend Earth against a threat from… dinosaurs? Yeah, that’ll do it. There’s all sorts of beasties in this trailer, from raptors, to t-rexs, and much more.

No, this absolutely isn’t Dino Crisis. There’s no doubt legions of fans that were desperately hoping Capcom would revive the classic franchise in some way of form, bringing the classic PlayStation series back to modern audiences, but right now at least, those hopes appear to have been dashed by the announcement of Exoprimal.

Despite appearing at the new State of Play showcase though, Exoprimal actually isn’t a PlayStation exclusive. Shortly after the reveal yesterday, Capcom announced that the new shooter would be coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC as well as PS4 and PS5. Although it remains to be seen whether platforms will be able to play together or against one another utilizing cross-play, Exoprimal coming to more platforms is great news.

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