Exclusive Horus Heresy novella available to order this week only!

Get signed and numbered copies of Tallarn: Executioner from the Warhammer 40,000 universe

We know that our readers are huge fans of the Black Library Warhammer 40,000 tie-in novels, especially the bestselling Horus Heresy series. So here’s something you might want to check out this week.

Tallarn: Execututioner is a Black Library Limited Edition, a 128-page novella, available to order for just one week, signed and numbered with exclusive art and a wraparound cover with art by Neil Roberts. It’s written by John French and it depicts a pivotal tank conflict, the largest armour battle in the Horus Heresy.

This is another of the super limited editions that come individually numbered and signed with a bespoke hardcover and exclusive internal art. Because they’re being made and bound to order you won’t receive your novella until approximately eight weeks after the order date, and you’ve only got this week to sign up. Discover more over at the Black Library website .

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