Elden Rings weird tutorial hole is now much easier to find

Elden Ring’s tutorial is now much easier to find, thanks to an unmissable prompt.

It’s no secret that Elden Ring isn’t the easiest of games. While this is mainly due to its brutal battles, its obscure nature also plays a part in upping the difficulty. Many of the game’s features are very well hidden, including a tutorial that offers a basic introduction to the mechanics of this world. This helpful feature can be missed entirely if you’re not paying attention or are simply not used to FromSoftware’s wily ways. 

Finding Elden Ring’s tutorial requires the newly Tarnished to take something of a leap of faith into a hole in the game’s opening section. And given that jumping into large pits isn’t the safest of options, there are undoubtedly many who simply breezed past the unassuming area, skipping the tutorial completely. But now, FromSoftware has seemingly had a change of heart regarding the sneaky nature of Elden Ring’s training section and has made its location more obvious in the game’s latest patch. 

As spotted by Eurogamer (opens in new tab), when approaching the hole where the tutorial is located, players are now met with a message that says, “Jump down the hole ahead, and you will find the Cave of Knowledge”.

“There, you can learn more about game controls and basic actions, as well as other tips that may be helpful during your adventures in the Lands Between.”

This will undoubtedly prove most useful for players unfamiliar with From Software games, but it’s also a useful introduction to the new mechanics introduced in Elden Ring that long-time fans of the Souls series won’t want to miss.

As well as making Elden Ring’s tutorial more obvious, patch 1.04 also buffs Colossal Swords and dozens of spells which will be a big help to those using strength or magic-based builds. 

If you’ve just set foot in the Lands Between and need a helping hand, check out our Elden Ring guide

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