Call of Duty Mobile is almost as big as the main games and Warzone combined

After launching in China, Call of Duty Mobile has nearly as many monthly users as the main series and Warzone combined.

“We also continued to demonstrate the potential for our console and PC franchises on mobile,” Activision Blizzard said in its recent annual report (opens in new tab) (via CharlieIntel (opens in new tab)). “Call of Duty Mobile enjoyed a record year following its launch in China, with annual consumer spending on the title of well above $1 billion. Over 650 million people have downloaded Call of Duty Mobile around the world, and the number of people experiencing Call of Duty on mobile each month almost matched those playing on console and PC in 2021.”

In the report, Activision reiterates that it’s “building a sizable and talented internal development team that is working on a mobile version of Warzone that we expect will help take the Call of Duty franchise to new heights.” The mobile version of Warzone was previously confirmed in March.

While this detail is now making headlines, the annual report was actually published at the end of April. Since then, Activision Blizzard unveiled another big step into the mobile space with Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a take on the Warcraft universe in the vein of Clash Royale. That game will enter beta soon. Insiders have been suggesting an additional Warcraft mobile game is in development, too.

The Activision Blizzard conglomerate has a third side with King, the mobile-focused company behind Candy Crush. The publisher has since been keen to get many of its PC and console franchises onto phones, though Call of Duty Mobile is one of the few of those efforts that’s launched so far. Diablo Immortal is expected to launch on June 2, nearly four years after its maligned announcement.

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